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Peoria County Bar Association
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Welcome to the Peoria County Bar Association

President's Message

It’s a snowy Halloween morning, the weather looks intimidating, and I’m watching these poor workers, hanging on scaffolds, looking half frozen, painting and scraping on OSF’s future ministry building.   Watching them work reminds me to be thankful that we’re lawyers, and that our job descriptions generally don’t call for us to hang frozen ten stories up the side of a building!  Let’s be thankful for our comfortable chairs, abundant coffee, the windows that separate us from the elements, and the professional spirit and camaraderie of our bar. It’s easy to forget that this is a pretty good place to practice law.

So now that I have you in the proper frame of mind, let’s also reflect on all of the PCBA activities for which we should be thankful.  Ann Piper’s CLE committee presented not just one, but two CLE’s on Columbus Day, and we had a nice turnout.  CLE and the Workers Compensation Committee are teaming up for a presentation on November 7th at Heyl’s Learning Center, and the Winter Series kicks off on January 11th. The great thing about our CLE programs is going and learning something you didn’t know before.

We had two big events in late September and October, YLC’s blood drive on the 16th and Strides for Justice on September 28th. The Holiday Party on December 12th promises to be a blast, with Judge McCuskey orchestrating the roast of John Nicoara.

So, while I’m ticking off things for which we’re thankful, I have to thank our hard working committees for all of the work they do planning and presenting our events.  These things don’t just stage themselves, and we owe a “thank you” to everyone who helps bring them to life.  I also have to add our great Co-Executive Directors, Linda and Stephanie.  It’s easy to overlook the work they do on a daily basis, separate from the events and programs, just to keep PCBA ticking.

Thank you all.


PCBA President,

Michael D. Gifford

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